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Windows Apps

Sunday, September 9, 2012

What’s on your home screen, Ben Rudolph (BenThePCGuy)?

Today, we’re asking Ben Rudolph, a super enthusiastic Microsoft Evangelist who you probably recognize from the amazing “Smoked by Windows Phone” series of videos. Ben is based in Redmond, Washington, and absolutely loves Windows Phone – and it shows.

Right now my Nokia Lumia of choice is the new pink AT&T model. I used a magenta Lumia 800 for months before the 900 came out and the color was GREAT for catching the attention of passers-by; I love the fact that it’s bright and bold. And besides…real men rock pink phones.

My first start screen is all business

It has:
  • Phone tile: Because it is, after all, still a phone.
  • Amazing Weather:  This is my new weather app of choice.  It has a beautiful live tile that toggles between the current conditions and the day’s forecast, and the app itself is accurate, well Designed, and has a great depth of information.  And it’s tied to GPS, so the live tile changes with your location.
  • Outlook Mail: Email is probably the #1 thing I do on my phone. It keeps me connected to the office without being in the office.
  • My Me tile:  Perfect for quick check-ins and tweets
  • Calendar: So I know where to go for my next meeting
  • Rowi: My hands-down favorite Twitter app for Windows Phone. Fast, well designed and has a great, fast-refreshing live tile that shows mentions and DM’s.
  • Messaging: Texting is a close second to email for me, so it gets prime real estate.

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